Following the Risen Jesus

June 11, 2017

Life Reflection: Do I believe that God wants to use First Church in the rest of God’s story?  Do I believe that God wants to use me in the rest of God’s story?  Do I believe that God could use us in a holy movement?  What part of living into God’s idea of a hero is hardest for me:  Repentance?  Focusing on character over appearance?  Commitment to something greater than myself?  My willingness to consider others ahead of myself?  What step can I take today to live a more heroic life in Jesus?


June 4, 2017

Life Reflections: What brings more “shaking” in my life—the circumstances of this world or Christ within me?  What needs to happen in my life so that I am so anchored in Christ that the circumstances of my life no longer dictate my happiness or satisfaction?  Am I willing to pray like the early disciples to speak God’s Word with great boldness?  How bold am I for Christ?  How “sold out?”  Do I believe that God could use me/us to be part of a movement of movements for the glory of God?  What does my role in such a movement look like?


May 28, 2017

Life Reflection: How do I experience the true power of the Holy Spirit in my life?  What types of persecutions or hardships or fears do I face because I am a Christian? What would help me to understand that as a Christ follower I am tapping into power source greater than any power source of this world?  What would allow me to live with absolute certainty in the reality and love of Christ?  How does God want to use me to help create a powerful, Holy-Spirit-filled movement?

The Final Word

May 21, 2017

Life Reflection: What is the final word in my life?  Is it God’s truth as found in scripture?  Am I seeing and receiving God’s truth in my life or am I missing it?  What is causing me to miss it?  How can God’s truth bring healing in my life and the lives of others?  How can God’s truth carry us through times of difficulty?  How can God’s truth foster a holy movement where lives are being transformed in Christ?  What step is God calling me to take in God’s continuing story?

A New Community

May 14, 2017

Life Reflection: What role does the Holy Spirit play in my life?  Do I view the Holy Spirit as an optional part of God that I can take or leave as I wish?  Or do I see and understand the Holy Spirit as part of the Triune God?  What would it look like in my life to live into the power of the Holy Spirit?  How can we as a church live out the type of community described in Acts 2:42-47 through the Holy Spirit?  Have I welcomed the gift of the Holy Spirit into my life?  If not, why not?

Cut to the Heart

May 7, 2017

Life Reflection: Where do I need to THINK more in regards to my faith?  What would it take to melt my heart to the reality of Jesus’ life AND death for me?  When was the last time I asked God, “Lord, what shall I do for you?”  Do I believe that God through the Holy Spirit can still add daily to our numbers in Christ?  What will it take for me to be cut to the heart in Christ?  Am I willing to pray for a holy movement of God where many are cut to the heart?  Will I make this a daily prayer?

The Spirit of God

April 30, 2017

Life Reflection:

  1. Am I disciplined in my walk with Christ? In what area to do I need to work to become more disciplined?  Do I join with other Christians constantly in prayer?  Am I continually praising God in the house of God?
  2. What is perplexing or amazing me? Do I ask, “what does this mean?” or do I assume that I know how the Spirit of God is at work in my life, my church, and my world today?

Truth and Power

April 23, 2017

Life Reflection: Do I personally know the power and truth of Jesus Christ?  Or does Jesus remain a set of principles in my life to follow?  Do I expect God to move in significant ways in my life and the life of our church?  If so, how so?  If not, why not?  Do I believe that God could begin a holy movement that could help transform our lives and our city—and that God wants to use me/us?  Am I willing to genuinely pray that God will use me personally, and First Church specifically to continue the rest of God’s story?