What a Walk

July 30, 2018

Life Application: What storms of life do you have going on right now? Into what “boat” do you need to invite Jesus—Your heart? A situation at work? On behalf of a loved one? First Church? Something else?  Trust that this God will always meet us in our doubts and storms. How can I more fully live into the Jesus story so that I might tell and share the Jesus story?  Who can I better share the truth, beauty, and goodness of Jesus with today? Does my life carry the distinct, “terroir” flavor of Jesus?

Also compare Matthew 14:22-36 with John 6:16-24 and Mark 6:45-56.

Through the Roof

July 23, 2018

Life Application: How can I live a life that reflects the supreme truth, beauty, and goodness of Jesus? How can I best tell this story in a way that those around me say, “I have never seen anything like this?” How can I be an intercessor for those in need around me? If you have not already done so, will you commit to serving for a day during the August Transform mission experience as a way of interceding for our community neighbors?

When the Insignificant is Significant

July 16, 2018

Life Application: What is my God story right now? How can I join God more fully in that divine account? How can I share my God story with others?  Do I tend to only know about God, or do I share in God’s story with God? How can it be more of the latter?  In my life right now, am I at a place where my walk with God is just beginning to bud?  To blossom?  Or to show great fruit? What step can I take to experience God’s fullness in the step I am at and also grow to the next level?

Let’s Party

July 9, 2018

Life Reflection: God's grace is superabundant and is for all people.

Sharing in the Story

July 2, 2018

Life Reflection: Participate, participate, share