Dealing with Lions

July 9, 2017

Life Reflection: What does it mean for me to say that Jesus is Lord of my life?  In what areas of my faith walk have I been making compromises?  How could I improve my prayer life?

Strange Communication

July 2, 2017

Life Reflection: What does it look like for me to live into this prayer:  Lord, show me how to so take your kingdom into my life that my life becomes a true party—a feast of the real kingdom.  Let me become a person of such humble service and joyful love that the handwriting of your love will break the broken parties of insignificance we try to throw—and usher in a new, Kingdom-of-God party.  Let my life be so different that the people of this world will desire to make you the Lord of their feast!  Amen!

Facing the Furnace

June 27, 2017

Life Reflection:  How is God challenging me to live out my faith and be different in our increasingly secular world?  Do I feel the need to always defend myself and my position? Am I prone to rants?  What is one situation in my life that I need to release to God’s control and say “I trust in your power, and believe you will fix this, BUT IF NOT, I will still serve you because you are my God.”

Kingdom Dreams

June 18, 2017

Life Reflection: In following Jesus in this world, is my tendency to separate from the culture to follow Jesus (and thereby separate myself from people that Jesus seeks to love)?  Or to assimilate to the culture and look no different than folks who do not follow Jesus?  How can I love the people of this world and Jesus at the same time?  When was the last time I asked myself, “How does the Gospel influence my next action?”  How can this question remind me of Christ as the true foundation of my life?

Remember: Love the city of humanity for the sake of the city of God