Embodied Grace

September 25, 2017

It has been said that the most distinctive element of the Christian faith is the element of grace. And yet, we live in both a world, and a church, increasingly devoid of grace. What does it mean to live fully into God's beauty and life of grace as individuals? As a church? What does it mean today, in 2017, to be a church that offers grace? How can we respond in grace to the world? How far are we willing to go in order to offer such grace?

Receiving Grace

September 3, 2017

Life Reflection: Who is it in my life that I need to make space for?  Am I willing to make space for them? How can I extend a godly tolerance and compassion in every area of my life?  On Facebook?  In worship?  In my relationships? Am I willing to intentionally connect with folks different than myself?  Do I feel threatened if I am not perceived as “right?”  What would help me to receive others as Christ has received me?

Living in Grace

August 20, 2017

Life Reflection: In you, God sees someone so beautiful, so wonderful, that God-in kindness- says, “Give me your garbage and I will give you my love.”  What does this mean to me?     Do I realize the true amount of love, grace, and kindness that God has offered me through Jesus?  Do I seek to actively offer kindness to others on a regular basis?  How can I learn to live a life of kindness embodied in the grace of Christ?  What impact could such grace, lived out in acts of kindness, have in the world?


August 6, 2017

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