Church as God Intended

June 25, 2018

You can be a multiplying disciple.

To learn more about the beginning of the book of Acts, watch a brand new 6-min video from The Bible Project, Acts Ch. 1-7.

Recommended Reading:  The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch

Creating a Missional Culture

June 18, 2018

Life Application: This week take the five-fold survey at and please let the First Church office know ( your results. Identify which is your dominant wiring in APEST. Are you an Apostle? Prophet? Evangelist? Shepherd? Or Teacher? Once you identify which is your primary wiring, ask how you can begin to use this identity for multiplication in discipleship. Reflect deeply on this!

Pray: For God, through the Holy Spirit, to activate an APEST culture among us.

Incarnational Community

June 11, 2018

Life Application: Where can I get Present to listen to others and their story? Where can I get Proximate by getting on someone else’s turf?  Where can I get prevenient which means to trust that God is already working before me and placing me just where God wants me to be? Where can I get powerless—meaning to serve? Where do I need to get passionate and see others with the eyes of Jesus? Where do I need to get proclaiming to share the love of Jesus? Do I know the Word who is Jesus? If not, let today be that day. Go on a prayer walk and contemplate on the following -

Pray: “Lord, help me to see what you see. Help me to be your love with flesh on!”

The Power of Community

June 4, 2018

Life Reflection: In the face of challenge, what will we do? Wilt? Or band together as the community of God?  Make it a point this week (or sometime soon) to:
1) Watch the movie “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring” with the perspective of understanding what true fellowship is.
2) Commit to embracing BOTH forms of the church: the established/inherited/core form of church AND new/fresh expressions/organic form of church. How can you support both? How can we model this form of church for a changing world? What step is God calling you to take?


May 27, 2018

Life Reflection: Do I spend more time thinking about discipleship?  Or practicing it?  What will help me embody discipleship and not just think about it? What next step of discipleship do I need to take? Will I commit to praying about what step of a Disciple’s Journey I need to take?  Will I commit to taking that next step?

Jesus is Lord

May 21, 2018

Life Application: Do I believe that the multiplying, life-given power of the Holy Spirit that began at the birth of the Church at Pentecost can still happen today? Am I truly committed in Christ? Am I content with addition over multiplication?  What step(s) am I willing to take to live into God’s multiplying discipleship? To see a multiplying movement? 

Pray: Lord, make us a Pentecost people.