Looking at the Truth

April 9, 2017

Life Reflection: In my life am I practicing “Me” first, or “God” first?  Why?  What would help me to more fully grasp the reality of sin and that Jesus offered His life for mine?  How would such an understanding impact me?  What new light does this shed on the final days and events of Jesus?

Why Sin Makes God Angry

April 2, 2017

Life Reflection:  Is my anger “sinful anger” (like the coffee guy) or “holy anger” (like God’s anger)?   How is God calling me to respond to my holy anger over injustice and join in God’s transformational work?  Do I need to lament?  If yes, can I be honest with God during my prayer time this week?

How Sin Leaves Us Wandering

March 26, 2017

Life Reflections: Am I living into God’s design for me?  Where am I?  Where am I not?  Where in my life am I experiencing disintegration?  Am I placing my complete trust in Christ who has defeated sin?  How can I live into God’s concept of Jubilee so that I can be part of what is right with God’s creation rather than what is wrong?  What does it mean for me to see Jesus as “the warrior nurse?”  What does it mean to me to receive Christ’s beauty while Christ receives my ashes?

How Sin Enslaves (Part 2)

March 19, 2017

Life Reflection: In my heart of hearts, what is it that I have to have, especially in times of trouble, in order to be ok and feel good about myself?  This is what I am addicted to.  Do I view sin as simply breaking the law, or as something that breaks the heart of God?  How can I better personalize my understanding of sin?  What actions steps can I take today to remember God’s grace in my life?  Who am I willing to ask in my life to speak to me about the addictions I have in my life?

How Sin Enslaves (Part 1)

March 12, 2017

Life Reflection: To who or what is my soul most attracted?  Where do I find my worth and value?  Right now does my soul feel free or enslaved?  Am I selling myself out for something?  For what does my soul truly long for?  What have I been afraid to admit that my soul depends on besides God?  To whose arms does my soul run?  What will help us to realize the full extent of how much Christ loves us?  That there is no one else in who our soul will find both rest and satisfaction? 

Prayer:  “Lord, help me to find true freedom by enslaving my soul to you alone.”

How Sin Sabotages

March 5, 2017

Life Reflection: What sin is happening in my life right now?  How is sin sabotaging my relationship with God?  What idols have I placed in my life that are making God seem much smaller?  How would my life be less boring without the influence of sin?  Am I able to see the cure for sin in my life in the image of Jesus Christ?  What will help me experience Christ in this way?

Ponder this quote by C.S. Lewis: “The real mark of hell is a sleepless, unsmiling concentration upon the self…we must understand hell as a place where everyone is perpetually concerned about his or her own dignity and advancement where everybody always has a grievance.  And where everyone lives in the deadly seriousness of envy and self-importance…to admire Satan is to give one’s vote to a world of lies, propaganda and incessant auto-biography.”