A Big Disruption

December 24, 2018

Life Application: How can I open my heart to the real gift and presence of the Christ child in a way that will melt my heart? How can I embrace the light of Jesus in the midst of whatever darkness I may be going through? How can I share this gift with others? What joy does it bring my heart to know that the light of Christ is greater than any darkness? Who can I invite to join me at this year’s Christmas Eve services and experience the light of Jesus?

Not What You Would Expect

December 17, 2018

Life Application: In the model of the magi, am I intentionally seeking out Jesus to worship Him rather than just observe Him? What journey is Jesus calling me on?  Am I willing to go? What would need to change in my heart to experience the full joy of Christ? How is God moving unexpectedly in my life right now? Am I living my life by the wisdom of the world or the wisdom of the Christ child? How can I share God’s love with others to help them experience God in unexpected ways?

Not Exactly As Planned

December 10, 2018

Life Application: Pray this prayer every day this week:

Lord Jesus, make us expectant and eager to do your will even when it disrupts our world, just like Joseph.  Lord, prepare us to have our lives changed and our world rocked by your advent among us, just like Joseph. Lord, give us the grace to silently, obediently live as you would have us live in whatever strange and inexplicable circumstances we find ourselves, just like Joseph. And Lord, make us ready to receive you to be born in our lives and ready to pick up and move to wherever you might lead, just like Joseph. Amen.

A Scandalous Grace

December 3, 2018

Life Application: Today is the first day of Advent, a season during which we seek to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. 

  • Beginning today until Christmas, pray that you will experience Jesus in unexpected ways.
  • Do one intentional act to share the life and love of Jesus to a new generation.
  • What does it mean to you for Jesus to usher in ultimate rest this advent?