With the Man Born Blind

February 19, 2017

Jesus came as a light into the darkness of our world so that we can come to see him as our Savior.

Life Reflection: How am I progressing on my spiritual journey in relationship with Jesus? In what ways am I allowing darkness to remain in my life? How will I verbalize my witness?

At the Pool

February 12, 2017

Life Reflection: Where have I seen Jesus pursuing me in my life?  Where might Jesus be pursuing me that I have not noticed or seen before?  Where do I need healing in my life?  For what healing in my life have I asked Jesus?    Is my desire for healing only?  Or for the Christ of the healing?

Pray: Lord, open the eyes of my heart to see you as the healer and Lord of my life.

In the Feeding

February 5, 2017

Life Reflection: Do I see Jesus as the bread of life?  Have I come to believe in Him in such a way that He is my strength and life?  What would allow me to rely more on Christ for strength and life?  Am I experiencing eternal life now?  What would allow me to truly live and not just exist?  What does it mean that the “I AM” of the universe died for my sake?


January 29, 2017

See the person of Jesus, not just the power of Jesus.

Life Reflection: Do I see the person of Jesus or am I just seeking the power of Jesus? Do I take Jesus at his word? Am I willing to prioritize reading Scripture for 10 minutes a day for the remainder of this sermon series so that I can see the person of Jesus more clearly? Do the people in my household see Jesus through me? 

In the Feast

January 22, 2017

Life Reflection: Am I currently experiencing an abundant, joy-filled, “filled-to-the-brim,” grace-full life in Jesus Christ?  If not, why not?  Where is my life empty and in need of something better?  How often do I stop to savor, and sip the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  What would help me to stop and both see and taste the richness of the wine of the Jesus?

As the Lamb

January 15, 2017

Life Reflection: Do I see Jesus in my life?  What would allow me to see Him more clearly?  What is keeping me from seeing Jesus in my life?  What does it say to me that John describes Jesus as a Lamb when John sees Him?  What does this tell us about Jesus?  How can I find my full identity in Jesus?  How can I, like John, be a voice for Jesus?  Do I know what it is like to be both completely humble and great at the same time?

In the Beginning

January 8, 2017

Life Reflection: What am I doing to align my life with the grand purpose of the universe as defined in knowing Jesus in a personal way?  What do I need to do?  What is holding me back?  In my own life, do I tend to outright reject the ways of Jesus, or do I have trouble comprehending the ways of Jesus?  What would help me to see Jesus more in my own life?  What can I do to help others see Jesus?