From Dark to Light

September 25, 2016

Reflection Questions: Like John the Baptist, how do we testify to who Jesus is in such a way that people begin to SEE Jesus for themselves and MOVE towards Him?    

Prayer: Lord, let us see and move, and be transformed in you at First Church.  Awaken a fire within us that is dominated by a vision of you.  And may your vision of new life and transformation in Jesus not just be taught, but truly caught. 

From Old to New

September 11, 2016

Reflection Questions: How is my relationship with Jesus?  What do you long to see?  What kind of vision would literally cause your heart to beat a little (or a lot) faster?  Does my relationship with God captivate me and influence how I view all my other relationships?  What would it take for me to see as God desires me to see?  What would it take for me to own God’s vision for our church as my own vision?