Love is the Greatest Wealth

August 27, 2018

Life Application: How would you describe your love for God?  Is it an infatuated kind of love?  Or a love requiring grit and determination? Do we realize the wealth of love that God offers to us through Jesus? What are we willing to offer to God out of the wealth of God’s love for us? What step of generosity am I willing to commit to over the next year at First Church?

Action step: Out of love, covenant to taking one further step in your commitment to generosity for the next year over what you did this past year.  Please reflect this commitment on a commitment card and turn in.

Click here to get a glimpse of what your giving supports at First Church:

Be Great

August 20, 2018

Life Application: How am I trying to live a great life? What will make us a great church? Am I willing to be great by serving others? Why or why not? What does it mean for my life that Jesus gave up His life for the sake of others? How can I help First Church live into a dual expression of church as both gathered and sent community?

Action Points

1) Pray for First Church to be a church that is great by loving and serving others and loving and serving Christ as gathered and sent community.

2) Pray about what resources I can use to serve the church over myself. Come prepared next week to act on that commitment.

When Jesus Gets Angry

August 13, 2018

Life Application: Have I made following Jesus more about getting what I want or responding as Jesus would respond? How am I showing compassion to those around me? Do I believe that we can love others with greater impact as a corporate body or as an individual? Do I view stewardship as only relating to money?  Or is it about giving and loving as Jesus gives and loves? Am I willing to make a new covenant with God on how I can offer extravagant generosity?

Memorize 1 Timothy 6:18