The Bread

January 14, 2019

Life Application: What is my expectation in worship?  To think about Jesus? To be entertained? To share in a religious routine?  Or to engage Jesus with our entire being? How can worship be more than a time of reflection?  How can I learn to feast upon Jesus as the Bread of Life? Am I more concerned with ideas about Jesus or interacting with Jesus Himself?  What step can I take today to concretely feast upon Jesus as the Bread of Life? How can I be less religious and more real with Jesus? Where is my soul restless? How can I feast upon the bread of life?


The Light

January 7, 2019

Life Application: Is the light of Jesus shining in me right now?  If not, what is causing me to miss the experience of the light of Christ? Am I willing to let the light of Christ shine through all of my life?


Action Point: Commit to living out three elements in 2019 that will help you shine and experience the light of Christ:

1) Pray daily at 5:17 AM/PM for more connections with new people.

2) Orient your life around worship.

3) Commit to taking your next step with Jesus, whatever that may be.


*Light a candle this week in a place where you want the light of Christ to shine through you and post on the First Church’s Community Group on Facebook.