September 10, 2017

Life Reflection: Where is my life most out of control right now?  What desire most rules my life?  How can I seek to not just force myself to follow the ways of Jesus, but fall more deeply in love with Jesus Himself as my top desire?  How much do I immerse my life in scripture?  What most reminds me of God’s faithfulness?  Do I truly realize that the more we practice self-discipline the more grace we, and others, can receive in our lives?

Finding Peace

August 27, 2017

Life Reflection: Is my happiness based on circumstances or the condition of my heart in Christ?  What can I do in my life to think more about Jesus, dig deeper in Jesus, and look more to Jesus?  Do I realize that Jesus made me a part of His great story?  What impact does that have on my life?  What impact could it have on my life?  Do I know the peace that passes all understanding?  What is holding me back from experiencing God’s peace?

Practical Living

August 13, 2017

Life Reflection: Referring to the Christians of Le Chambon: They don't look upon effort as being something depleting. They look upon effort as something through which you live fully and you derive strength.” Pierre Sauvage, a child who survived the Holocaust because of the Christians of Le Chambon

What effort does practical love and grace ask of me? What habits of love do I need to form?

Discovering Power

July 30, 2017

Life Reflection: Do I know the grace found only in Jesus Christ?  If so how can I more fully embrace that grace?  If not, will I welcome Jesus into my life today?  When it comes to giving, do I ask: “How much do I HAVE to give?”  Or, “How much CAN I give?”  Will I pray and then intentionally, cheerfully, and grace-fully make a joyful financial commitment to the body of Christ at First Church for 2018?

Discovering Grace

July 23, 2017

Life Reflection: How do we know if Christ is our true treasure over money?  Ask: 1) Do I give out of obligation or joy?  2) Do I currently tithe as a minimum or am I moving towards tithing?  3) Does my level of giving to the kingdom of God impact how I live? 4) Does giving reveal an abundance or lack of grace in my life?

Discovering Wisdom

July 16, 2017

Life Reflection: Do I experience giving in a “grace-full” way?  If not, why not?  Where is my true security based—in God or money?  Do I meet the Old Testament standard of giving 10% to God?  What would it take to help me get there?  Do I meet the New Testament standard of giving sacrificially so that the sacrifice affects my life in some regard?  If not, why not?  What would it take to help me get to this standard of living?  Will I begin praying now for my 2018 giving commitment to First Church?  Will I begin to pray to view giving in the grace-full way God intends?